Configure Business connectivity service application for SharePoint 2013 (On-premises)

19. April 2013 07:20 by Rashid Aziz in Sharepoint blogs  //  Tags:   //   Comments
Business Connectivity Services is a set of services and features that connect SharePoint-based solutions to sources of external data. This post will explain how to create Microsoft Business connectivity service instance for SharePoint 2013 Farm. Prerequisites Make sure that you have SharePoint 20... [More]

SharePoint 2013 Workflow manager installation on single server Dev Farm

18. April 2013 09:41 by Rashid Aziz in Sharepoint blogs  //  Tags:   //   Comments
The installation of workflow manager for development environment can be done on single server SharePoint 2013 farm, but it is highly recommended to install it on separate server for UAT and production environments. Prerequisites You need local admin rights on the server where you will install the ... [More]

Updating SharePoint 2013 page’s Page Layout using PowerShell

3. April 2013 14:39 by Rashid Aziz in Sharepoint blogs  //  Tags:   //   Comments
I have just enabled SSL on our live intranet site and run the full crawl to index everything to https rather than http. Everything works fine apart from default page.  It shows error, when I checked the log file it shows the following error details. GetFileFromUrl: ArgumentException when attem... [More]

Capture SharePoint 2010 environment information before upgrade to SharePoint 2013 Farm

3. April 2013 14:03 by Rashid Aziz in Sharepoint blogs  //  Tags:   //   Comments
In one of my previous post I mentioned how to clean the SharePoint 2010 web application before upgrade to SharePoint 2013. In this post, I will explain what Information in required from SharePoint 2010 Farm during the SharePoint 2013 upgrade planning. The following information need to be capture f... [More]

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